Spectra Precision Learning Center

Spectra Precision Learning Center
The Spectra Precision Learning Center offers a complete portfolio of training courses for surveying products. A powerful, effective and interesting way to learn, blended learning combines traditional face-to-face instruction with on line training, such as web-based tutorials, webinars / on demand webcasts and innovative learning tools, all delivered in a variety of different ways. With a secured log in, you can browse and register for classes, view your training history and track your individual progress towards Spectra Precision certification programs. You can also create your own career path to plan and chart your professional development.


Spectra Precision Solution Center

Spectra Precision Solution Center
The Spectra Precision Solution Center allows you to search our knowledge database, pose questions on a technical topic, or query a specific subject. The search tool lets you browse a number of existing documentation for self-help.


Contact Spectra Precision Survey Support
US & Canada: 1-888-477-7516
Latin America: +1-720-587-4700
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +49-7112-2954-463
Australia: +61-7-3188-6001
New Zealand: +64-4-831-9410
Singapore: +65-3158-1421
China: 10-800-130-1559

Spectra Precision Construction Support
For Spectra Precision Construction sales & support, please call 800-767-4822 or 303-323-4111

For questions about Spectra Precision Laser Products, please call 1-888-527-3771.