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ProMark 100

ProMark 100

ProMark 100 is the most versatile post-processing solution, designed for easy and efficient land survey applications. The ProMark 100 solution includes a rugged GNSS receiver running Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system, the Ashtech ProMark Field software and the ASH-660 (L1 GPS/GLONASS) antenna.

  • Outstanding GPS & GLONASS performance
  • Extended productivity in obstructed conditions
  • Unpaired ease-of-use in the field
  • Versatile solution: post-processing, RTK, GIS

Thanks to the embedded Ashtech BLADE technology as well as GPS and GLONASS signals tracking, ProMark 100 provides high-precision measurements even in very demanding or obstructed environments. Its exceptional post-processing performance and short occupation time deliver a very productive solution to the field crews.

The very intuitive ProMark Field software is designed for simple and trouble-free use providing all necessary tools without any unnecessary or complicated features. Lightweight, but rugged and waterproof handheld design, all-day-long autonomy, and large memory make ProMark 100 a perfect solution for easy and efficient post-processing.

Designed as a scalable solution, ProMark 100 can be easily upgraded to such capabilities as GLONASS, RTK or GPRS and be used not only in post-processing but also in RTK or GIS applications. Built on the state-of the-art Windows Mobile 6.5 based platform with embedded wireless communications, ProMark 100 is a truly versatile and complete offering.